Tuesday, December 13, 2011

playing cupid

i don't know what it is about it but i like the feeling i get when the two characters in a movie/series/book that i had thought were destined to be together actually get together :D

it is beyond satisfying! it's like, finally! Didn't i tell you you were meant to be?! Now, get married and have a dozen adorable kids.

HAHHA. i was kidding about the dozen kids.
But seriously, i like matchmaking, i like picking sides when there is a love triangle, i like my idea of this perfect couple. i like the chase, i like the epiphany. and i like it when i am right :P

i like that one moment that changes it all - the kiss in the middle of a fight or the interruption just before the bride says 'i do' - and even more than that, i like the cute aww scenes that follow :)

maddie and alex the kitchen musical

omg alex is with maddie omg alex is with maddie omg alex is with maddie .

that was me throughout the entire episode HAHAHA.
this scene made my night!

i like playing cupid :)


  1. yes yes yes!I agree to everything!:DDD

  2. HAHAHAH IKR!! :D watch the video, kaykay! it's TOO CUTE !


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