Sunday, December 04, 2011

dear stranger,

here's something for you to think about tonight before you sleep, dream and forget;
what if?

you with your eyes, you made my day.
with the simplest gestures and the shortest sentences at the most unexpected moment.

A lingering glance one candid moment that seemed to stretch into a long minute. That one beat in time, gravity seemed to shift itself. That one second of the clock, everything just fell away, only my eyes locked on yours.

A pause in a monotonous task, a remark shouted from the opposite side of the room and eyes that awaited a comeback.

A hidden smile bestowed upon the ground and butterflies that evoked a whirlwind with their fragile beating wings.

Stolen glances.

what if?

what if I hadn't smiled unjustly at the ground but gave credit where credit was due? What if you had voiced more than just an amusing comment? what if we didn't just let the moment pass?

What if I hadn't given in to my sweet tooth? What if you hadn't walked by me? What if we never met?

What if this was a movie?

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