Tuesday, November 29, 2011

just get your ass back home

i wasn't meant to be at home today. i wasn't supposed to be going on a camera frenzy and taking photos of everything and anything that catches my fancy. and i wasn't supposed to be doing one blog post after another right now.

i was supposed to see someone today; someone i haven't seen in so very very long.
and it hurts me that the face conjured up from a long ago memory is growing faint. 

i'm sorry. i know you're disappointed. i know i am. i don't know when i'll get to see you next. 
but it won't be anytime in the coming few months for sure. because you won't even be around and when school starts, time's gonna fly by so fast, we won't even see its shadow. 

but i know something bigger than life is holding us together, has been holding us together. 
and i'm not scared.
wherever you go, just get your ass back home.

i don't care what you're after
as long as i'm the one, no
i don't care why you're leaving
you'll miss me when you're gone

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