Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dating Literature's Most Eligible Bachelor

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single girl in possession of her right mind must be in want of a decent man.

Me and Mr. Darcy Alexandra Potter

I got the title from the blurb at the back of the book and i think it describes the book perfectly in five words :) It got me thinking; if i could date someone from a book, who would it be?

I have come across many fictitious characters i would have loved to meet; to unravel the puzzle that is their mind over coffee or simply just be friends.

But there is only one character I can think of right now that i would date and that is Dustfinger, from the Inkheart trilogy. Unfortunately, he is married :( For some reason, he appealed to me. He seemed so human, so real. And he was a mystery; good and bad and a little selfish at times but that only made him human.

I wanted him to play with fire for me. To put on a show under the moonlight as he did for Meggie. I wanted him to tell me his story and his deepest fears. I wanted to know him.

i wanted him to long for me the way he longed for his wife while he was trapped in our world. A longing so strong it caused him to make decisions that were less than honorable.

To lay down his honor for love, to willingly make  himself so obviously imperfect for love.
After all, isn't love all about celebrating the loved one's perfection and also embracing their imperfections ? :)


  1. I wish to attend a dinner hosted by Julia Child

  2. no no, that wasn't the topic! who would you date? :P

  3. if that is the case....Julie Powell. So I get to eat those delicious food! yummy or in the good ol' fashion of nom nom nom

  4. HAHAH okay better :P did you read the book? or watched the movie?

  5. watched the movie, didn't read the book. Not really a worm like you!


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