Sunday, October 23, 2011


My mom loves the popcorn at bukit tinggi. It is really good; sweet and sticky and so sinfully delicious.

We went up to the cinema and bought a regular popcorn and two sodas. Then, we- me, my three sisters, my grandma, my mom- walked around the mall; window shopping and talking. After a failed foray into the pet shop and ending up outside with empty hands again, we sat down on a bench and gave our aching feet a break.

There, outside a row of retail stores, seated with caramel coated popcorn on our lap and sipping Coke, i realized what we would look like to someone watching from above; like we were watching life. Watching the people and their antics. Watching the adorable kids cooing over the hamster and guinea pigs in the pet store. Watching families walk by, too caught up in their conversations to notice our eyes on them. Watching the clothes they wear. Watching the way they walk and talk.

I left the mall that day, satisfied with the show i had witnessed. Sometimes, it's okay to just sit back, munch on something sweet and watch life pass by for a little while. To slow down and take a breather. And to remember that those who really matter are the ones sharing a tub of popcorn with you.


  1. less is more...simplicity is the way of life. Love the thoughts!


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