Monday, October 03, 2011

I had the strangest dream.

But i don't remember much of it. I never do. There were kids, young ones barely pass their toddler stage and then there were women and men. I don't know any one of them save for this guy.
Who, strangely enough, is a doppelganger of this guy from a TV show i'm addicted to. And he isn't even my favorite character! Which just makes me wonder what on earth is he doing in my head.

I remember the kids and the women. And the guy, who didn't gave a damn about anything, just sat around like he owned the place. I don't remember what happened. I could just recall the ambience of the place. The feeling of desperation surrounding the kids and the women. I remember how I felt; i felt helpless. And the guy just didn't care.

The last thing I remember was me, leaving the place then turning around to shout at that guy;
"Nate, you've changed!"

I saw his expression morph into something else for a second. And then I woke up.

I had woken up drowsily a few times before but i just couldn't pull myself away from that dream. Maybe i was too tired. I don't know. And as soon as I had shouted those words at him, i woke up, instantly and I felt as if i had caffeine coursing through my bloodstream.

But the buzz lasted only a few minutes. And then the atmosphere of that place in my dreams came back to haunt me.

Maybe i had done what i was meant to do; tell a guy in another space and another time that he's changed.
Maybe people whom i have met, who come and go so fleetingly, it's almost a dream are exactly that; a dream.
Maybe they wake up and don't remember anything but a hazy memory of ever having changed someone's life.

And they get on with their lives, as i should too :)

i've just been mindblown by the sheer amount of crap i can come up with :D
okay, bye .

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