Friday, September 23, 2011

never grow up

Every time I see a daybed by a window, i always always think of Peter Pan. And Wendy.

I loved the story as a child. And I wanted to fly; fly with a boy dressed in leaves, a boy who never grew up.
But I had a love hate relationship with Tinkerbell. I hated her jealousy but loved how delicate she was. To me she was like the sound of dainty silver bells in the moonlight. Exquisite and not really perceivable by the eye.

Then, I watched the movie featuring an extremely adorable Jeremy Sumpter. And I fell in love with the boy who was in my dreams when I was a little girl again. The scene of him dancing with Wendy in the air with the moon shining behind them stayed in the depths of my memory and the magic of the moment never left me.

Now, I'm getting reacquainted with my childhood sweetheart in the webseries, Wendy.

He grew a little, didn't he?

Peter, never grow up. Don't ever grow up :)

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