Wednesday, September 14, 2011

His Lucky Charm

My classmate kept turning around in his seat today to look at me. And every time I catch his eye, he would give me a tentative smile to elicit one from me. After that, he would say something along the lines of, 'everything will be alright. Those braces are my lucky charm'. I laughed the first time he said it and I laughed when he repeated it throughout the day.
And when the two of us along with a bunch of others got into trouble with our English teacher and were told to sit outside the classroom until we had finished our work, he told me to smile again so everything would be alright.

*big braces smile* :P
he made my day and I don't regret getting my braces when I have such good friends who- much love to my 'brother' who thinks I look cute- made me a lot less self conscious!

But the pain is getting pretty bad. I feel an ulcer coming :(

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