Monday, September 12, 2011

Brace Face

*big braces smile*

I got my braces today. Just the top jaw for now. It didn't hurt one bit, or at least not yet. Ortho says it should start hurting later :/ But i feel deceived into thinking it would hurt like a bitch and i would have trouble speaking. Thinking back, it was such an ingrained notion that i refused to contradict it in any way whenever a friend tells me it didn't hurt or it was okay or anything. *laughs at self* Well, the pain will probably come later. But for now, the only inconvenience i've had is during mealtimes.

Must ask ze bestfriend if she lost any weight while on braces :P Ah, i just forfeited all things sweet and sticky; salty and crunchy. No chocolates, no chips for two years. Thank god that i like eating porridge.

ps. I think i just took a few years off my age, i look like a little kid .-.

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