Tuesday, August 02, 2011


I wonder what it is about how a person feels that is so crucial. But it is. And it's undeniable.

Because i had a less-than-perfect day. And it's all because of all the pent-up frustration, anger and bitter resentment at unfair arguments backed by unreasonable stances. And of course, tactless remarks that just put me on edge.

To those quarrels, all I have to say is, to each their own. Nothing, especially opinions and thoughts, are set in stone and the way you reacted to my choice was beyond the reason why. I didn't and would never question the choice you made. I merely offered my view on the matter and you had to put me down for that. Not just my supposedly silly perception because it differed from your own but also me. And you, whom I call a friend would tear me down over a pointless argument about people we don't even know personally. I was disappointed. There isn't another word that could possibly fit.

And to those tactless remarks, well, I apologize. I'm not perfect. I'm sorry if you're better than I am. Three cheers for you but you needn't throw insults in my face just to tell people in subtly disguised good humor that you're better than I am. Which just, ironically, contradicts every virtue you think you have.

And I'm yet again disappointed but this isn't the first time and neither is it going to be the last. I'm just gonna suck it up again for the sake of friendship.

I wonder what it is about how a person feels and letting it out that is so important. But it is. And it is also undeniable.

Because I feel a lot more happier now :)

Here's a quote from a book I'm currently reading;

Isabel : No. It was a dull week.
Dr. Ira : I see. And how do you feel about that?
Isabel : Good. Very good.

-revenge of the spellmans. lisa lutz.

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